kikumasamune Taru Sake

About Taru Sake

The highest quality sake barrel made of Yoshino cedar

Dry sake brewed by Kimoto-method is stored in 72L barrel to produce ripeness with the best scent, and bottled. We use only Yoshino cedar to make sake barrel. Because Yoshino cedar grown in Kii peninsula, warm climate with lots of rainfall, has a pleasant aroma of cedar wood and very straight grain, so it is suitable to make sake barrel and said that Yoshino cedar is the highest quality material since a long time ago.

Refreshing aroma and the crisp, clean finish

Kikumasamune Taru Sake is an authentic dry sake distinguished by the aroma of Yoshino cedar. Enjoy the refreshing aroma of Yoshino cedar and the crisp, clean finish of Taru Sake. Taru sake is usually enjoyed chilled and also delicious when served at room temperature or even slightly warmed (40~45℃)


We found that aroma of Taru Sake contain health promoting components such as Cedrol which are in the spotlight in the field of Aromatherapy and Chinese medicine.

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