From Kobe’s Nada Region to the World

It’s been 360 years since Kikumasa was established in Kobe’s Nada Region.

Thanks to hard work, over generations, we’ve finally come 360 degrees: full circle.

Our heart-felt gratitude to so many, across the centuries...the sum of their care and effort is in every delicious sip of Kikumasa saké.

Gently pour the saké into the cup, lift it to your lips, and feel the essence of Kobe’s rich bounty.
Today the joy of saké culture is shifting from the local Japanese styles to a new global appreciation of how it elevates Western cuisine too.

Kobe’s rich heritage, its earth, its water, its culture of fermentation, essential elements of a life well lived!

On the occasion of our 360th anniversary, we looked around, 360 degrees, and realized that we had only just begun. Our fermentation technology is ready to contribute on the world stage.

To brew great saké is to open doors, to transcend borders, to communicate and contribute to quality of life everywhere.

The saké of Nada Region, blessed with great water and rice, in the embrace of Mt. Rokko, will surely become the world’s saké.

“From Kobe’s Nada Region to the world.” With this refreshing slogan, we take our first steps. Under a bright new sky, embarking to ferment a new culture for the future.

Jiroemon Kano the 12th, president, Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.